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We Must Have Culturally Relevant Mental Health Services

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The underrepresentation of African American therapists definitely deterred me from seeking therapy. I want African American teens and young adults to know that there are African American therapists like me who have a firsthand understanding of their cultural perspectives and lived experiences. The historical memory of betrayal by healthcare institutions and systems, including those that provide mental health services, is a strong source of stigma in the African American community. However, our legacy of organizing movements to hold institutions and systems accountable

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We Have to Talk About It

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My movement Silence the Shame is currently on a national teen mental health tour with Jack and Jill of America, Inc. We are having panel discussions with African American teens in each city. I am so impressed by their willingness to open up and share. My advice to African American teens is to understand the importance of mental wellness and how it goes hand in hand with their physical health. Also to find SOMEONE that you trust to talk to

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We Must Take A Solutions-Oriented Approach

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I think one strength is our collectivism…I’ve found that when Black folks get together and begin to support someone with a mental health condition collectively, change happens because people feel like they are not alone…If we turn mental health conditions into something that can happen in life, even if you do all the right things, people’s perspective would change…I believe that the more solution-oriented we are instead of focusing on stigma, we’ll be able to see some drastic changes. Camesha,

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You Deserve to Heal

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I’ve struggled with severe depression, anxiety, and a complex eating disorder since age 5, but I didn’t seek professional help or admit out loud that I was hurting until I was a junior in college. Even though I’d also experienced two suicide attempts and years of self-harming, the idea of being “crazy” or having to go to a therapist terrified and humiliated me. Once I hit rock bottom though and spent 8 days in a psychiatric hospital, I was forced to confront myself,

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Seeking Help is Okay

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I believe in high school I struggled to receive help because it didn’t want to be seen as “crazy” or “weird” because I was dealing with extreme mental health conditions. I am thankful, however, for my family because they always made me feel that seeking help is okay. It is okay to take care of yourself when you are not only physically sick but mentally distressed as well because both go hand in hand. For those seeking mental health support, I

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Healing Together

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I’ve struggled to seek mental health support for the past twenty years. I know how to access resources. I have insurance that gives me the ability to connect with mental health professionals. I’m privileged to share relationships with hundreds of people who are willing to empathize too. Nonetheless, mental health challenges continue to present obstacles in my life. With that being said, I’m grateful to have loved ones who gently encourage me as I navigate this lifelong journey. I would tell

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Nothing is More Important Than Healing Our Wounds

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More often than not, we’re working through a lot of shame brought upon by the messages, experiences, and traumas throughout our lifetime. Shame is toxic and it keeps us from living a life that is authentic. When shame is involved, we struggle to feel whole and worthy. Many people struggle with sexual shame for a variety of reasons and so few of us are able to engage in an open, honest dialogue about sex. People often struggle in silence. The

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Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Your Truth

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Don’t ever be afraid to speak your truth whether it is having suicidal thoughts or living with depression. You never know who may be going through a similar situation. Your voice can be the light for someone in a dark place. Never feel like you have to be quiet about what you are experiencing or that you are alone. We all going through something.  The great part about the African American community is that we support each other and stick up

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Fighting Mental Health Stigma in Kenya

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I started my work based on my personal experience as a rape survivor living with a dual diagnosis of epilepsy and bipolar and finding myself in a space where information and support were not easily available. So I started providing information and creating support systems. Mental health issues are slowing down and sometimes robbing society of powerful souls. A lot of people are going through things they don’t know how to handle and need to be constantly reminded that they

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Embrace Overall Wellness

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I think that it’s extremely important to help people not only cope with mental illness but also to help people embrace overall wellness that helps them optimize their quality of life. As a therapist, I think it’s important to hold both the role of educator and provider, teaching clients about emotional health and conditions, if applicable, as well as providing new perspective and skills to help them live better lives in practice. My professional goals are to help promote conversations

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