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Latinx Mental Health: Building Bridges Between Latinx and Disability

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I am the co-founder of the National Coalition for Latinxs with Disability (CNLD). My job as a leader in this #DisabledLatinx movement is to network and connect with other Disabled and Latinx leaders in the U.S. and those who want to be leaders in the movement. I’m building bridges between the Latinx and Disability worlds. For too long, I’ve had to split my Latinx and disability identities, and I know that’s true for others out there! On an administrative level,

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Latinx Mental Health: Building a Community

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I am Co-Founder and Lead Organizer for Aliados for Mental Health. My job is to construct spaces online and offline to raise awareness about issues related to the mental health of the Latinx community. I organize community events that give a voice to Latinx community members affected by mental illness and those interested in bilingual socially conscious psychotherapy from a healthcare perspective. We share knowledge and resources about mental illness and mental health care in hopes of raising awareness and

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Latinx Mental Health: There is Nothing Shameful About Mental Illness

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I am the Founder, President, and CEO of Comunilife, Inc. My job is to work with our board, staff, and community to develop culturally appropriate programs that help homeless and at-risk Hispanic New Yorkers access the services they need to live independently and reach their individual potential. In addition to providing direct services, a large part of my job is to advocate on behalf of our clients. This can include working to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and

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Latinx Mental Health: Don’t Be Ashamed to Be You

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My approach to advocacy starts with sharing my own vulnerability and the ups and downs of my journey. Instead of hiding my bipolar and anxiety I talk about it on social media and start a dialogue out of it for anyone to join.  I also travel and speak for various mental health organizations even though most days I’d prefer to be wrapped up in my blanket in bed. I’ve often heard that men don’t talk about their mental health because that

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Latinx Mental Health: Being Undocumented and Taking Care of Mental Health

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I dispel myths and fight stigma by openly talking about my own mental health journey. Navigating a society that constantly reminds me I am not welcome here is hard and can impact my well-being. Some days are harder than others. I try not to shy away from talking about needing counseling and the trauma migration can cause. In my case, I also survived sexual assault. This, compiled with being undocumented, impacted the way I navigated the world and the resources

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Latinx Mental Health: Finding Resources in Your Family and Community

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I am the Director of the Latino Youth & Family Immigration Project: Dímelo en Español at Ackerman Institute. We are a project in the institute that provides family therapy to first and second generation Latino immigrant families. We offer a specialized framework that, at its core, emphasizes cultural sensitivity and resiliency in families. I facilitate therapeutic conversations about immigration loss, the unique experience of parenting bi-cultural/bilingual children, trans-nationalism, identity, trauma and, more recently, about the current sociopolitical climate. We do

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Minority Mental Health Advocate: Lanada Williams

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Lanada Williams is a licensed professional and clinical counselor and the CEO of Alliance Family Solutions, LLC, a private practice in Washington, DC. She hosts her on own radio show, The Lanada Williams Show, about how to make the most of life, love, and relationships on BLIS FM. Minority mental health matters and presents a great opportunity to have intersections from various people of color with different cultures, values, and backgrounds explore each other’s mental models to find common interests and fight stigma in

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Minority Mental Health Advocate: Nosipho Nxele

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My great passion is for the empowerment of women and to break stereotypes carved on them by society. This is what led me to explore mental health and the conversation around mental illness in my illustrations. I was raised with religious values, but I have always been very opinionated about everything. My work is mostly expressionism, mental illness, religion and other topics that affect women in society. The love for what I do comes from the process of discovering how I share my

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Minority Mental Health Advocate: Emily Wu Truong

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I have been a motivational speaker for 4 years now. I believe I had to experience my years of depression and anxiety in order to bring me on the path that I’m on now. Before my mental health advocacy, I had two jobs where I felt disrespected, and I finally realized that I needed to learn how to respect and love myself! In July 2013, there was a legislative briefing on Asian American mental health, and I was so excited

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Minority Mental Health Advocate: Tiffany Shivers

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I have seen the effects of untreated mental health in my life and in the black community. As minorities, it is undeniable that we have been exposed to so much generational and present day trauma. I believe our community has to learn how to heal. It is our time to change the narrative of what mental health looks like in our community and make emotional wellness a priority. I believe that if we can successfully do this then we can

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