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Impostor Syndrome

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By: Sarah Hartshorne (@SarahHartshorne) Jenny and I recently did a Q&A for Smart Girls with their new writer and old friend of mine, Alicia Lutes. It was awesome and so is she. One of the things we talked about was how we deal with Impostor Syndrome, also known as Oh-My-God-I-Have-No-Idea-What-I’m-Doing-and-Everyone-Will-Figure-it-Out-Eventually-Right? Since starting this job, there’s been a lot of learning on my feet. Turns out, modelling is a super fun career, but smizing and booty tooching aren’t useful life skills anywhere

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Guest Blog – “Conquering Shame”

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Conquering Shame By: @PushinUpRoses Trigger warning: suicide, overdosing, vomiting, depression, eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorder, body image   When I was in 5th grade, I suddenly became extremely aware of my appearance.  It was a very abrupt realization. At eleven years old I was refusing to have my picture taken for the class photo, devastated that I was fat and ugly.  Mirrors became my enemy.  This was the earliest point in my life where I felt I could never be loved

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More New Interns! Meet Flynn & Shannon

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By: Shannon (@shannonehgans) & Flynn (@majorsideye) Hello! My name is Shannon, and I’m one of two of the new interns at Project UROK! I’m a rising junior at Florida Atlantic University, majoring in English, and this is my first time living in New York! I just started this week, and it’s been so much fun working with the UROK crew behind the scenes. My one and only complaint is that my first day in the office I had to make the

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Guest Blog – “My Life As An Anxious Twentysomething”

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My Life As An Anxious Twentysomething By: Erin Stone (@elizstoner) Trigger warning: anxiety   Lemony Snicket once said, “If we wait until we are ready, we will be waiting for the rest of our lives.” That could not be truer in my current situation. I have been prone to hesitating lately. In fact, I got this 5 year journal from Barnes & Noble a few years back and the question on May 2nd is “Are you hesitating?” I have answered

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Meet Our New Intern – Daniella

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  By: Daniella Hi everyone, I’m Daniella, the new intern at Project UROK! I started last week and it’s been a wonderful experience getting to be in a professional environment with such interesting and chill people. I really identify with Project UROK because I too have dealt with mental illness, specifically struggling with anxiety and OCD. At some points it really inhibited me in my everyday life, getting in the way of school and my social life, and almost left

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Guest Blog – “Just Believe”

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Just Believe By: Charma Trigger warnings: Depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, suicide, self-harm   Hello. My name’s Charma. I have depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety. That sounds like a lot and it is. I have very severe episodes of depression that, in the past, have usually resulted in trips to the hospital. I have been to the psych unit of my nearby hospital over 15 times because of suicidal actions or thoughts. I’ve even been to a residential psychiatric care hospital

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Sundays with Sarah!

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By: Sarah Hartshorne (@SarahHartshorne) Hi guys! It’s Sarah Hartshorne, Vice President and Production Coordinator at Project UROK. I’m writing this blog about a web-series that I’m doing with Project UROK, called Sundays with Sarah. It’s going to be about self-care, and nice things to do on Sundays. I’ll also have some exciting guests on the show, and we’ll hang out in our pajamas and talk about how much we hate pants. The first rule of Sundays with Sarah is that

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Guest Blog – “Research About CSI (Not That CSI)”

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Research About CSI (Not That CSI) By: Rachel Sumner, PhD (@sumnerd22) No trigger warnings apply. Vice Presidential (Sarah Hartshorne) Note: Rachel Sumner (PhD!!) is not only a super genius, she is also one of my best friends from high school and an all-around amazing woman!            People who do research in psychology study all kinds of things, from how people’s behavior changes when you give them tons of Monopoly money to how their understanding of DNA evidence is shaped by

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On Set Report!

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By: Sarah Hartshorne, (@SarahHartshorne) Project UROK Vice President and Production Coordinator On Monday and Tuesday Project UROK was in the studio with the amazingly talented Brennan Mulligan shooting a brand new web series called “They Were Ok!” In it, our enigmatic, vaguely European host, played beautifully by Brennan, will examine the lives of historic figures that struggled with mental illness. In researching all the people throughout history that have talked about their mental illness, what I learned was that there were just

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Guest Blog – “The Unpaved Road”

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The Unpaved Road By: @Arithered Trigger warnings: PTSD, plane crash, death   It’s difficult to describe just how much the words “you are okay” can change a life. There’s a road—a little dirt path off Regular Blvd.—that hurts my mind when I travel down it. I believe we all have those little side roads we avoid, because sometimes moving on doesn’t mean making peace with what happened. Sometimes it means exactly what it sounds like: going forward. But when one

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