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Guest Blog- “How did I get Here?”

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How did I get Here? by Jamie Marie   How did I get Here? Someone recently presented me with the question; “How did you get to where you are today? What made you realize you had to make a change?” Let me just say it wasn’t easy…but I will make my best attempt at answering those questions and sharing my journey. My journey of healing and opening up about my mental health began in 2014 I was 24 years old

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Tear Soup

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by Liza Larregui I was always an emotional child, crying at the slightest of things. I cried so often, my father nicknamed my spells tear soup. “Are you making tear soup again?” He’d say as he tried to comfort me. “You’re getting soup all over my shirt!” My emotional state never really changed as I aged. Throughout elementary school, for some odd reason, whenever I asked to use the bathroom, my teachers would deny me. The result was me peeing

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Depressed While Black: An Exerpt

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by Imade Nibokun (@imadeintruth) An excerpt of Depressed While Black originally appeared on The Conversation, a Al-Jazeera+series. In 2012, I received a wake up call. I sped on a Los Angeles highway wanting to die. A few days later, I walked into USC’s Student Counseling building, the same service I thought I didn’t need a few months before. I was such an emotional wreck that I had not one, but two school counselors staring at me as if I was minutes from my

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Meet Project UROK intern Kaitlyn!

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by Kaitlyn (@klubkaitlyn) Hey there, people of the internet! My name is Kaitlyn and I am the newest intern at Project UROK!  I am a college graduate, free-thinker, television + film fanatic¹, lover of lipstick, and proud feminist with a passion for social justice. In my spare time, I enjoy watching marathons on Netflix, painting designs on my nails, attending improv² comedy shows and researching theories on life in space³. I received my bachelor’s degree in media studies from Hunter College

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Surviving the Holidays/News!

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Surviving the Holidays/News! by Sarah Hartshorne, Project UROK Vice President and Production Coordinator Some of you may have seen this video, where I talk about some ways to survive the holidays. A lot of these are things I’m still working on, but here’s the written version of my survival tips. 1) Try to maintain a routine. It’s not going to be your normal routine, because even if you don’t celebrate the holidays work/school/family/life gets disrupted this time of year. So try to

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Guest Blog- “Look, Don’t Touch”

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Look, Don’t Touch by Sarah Hartshorne, Project UROK Vice President and Production Coordinator I don’t like being touched. I mean, I love it. But I hate it. Let me back up a little. On the one hand, human contact is the best thing. Necessary, even. Have you ever gotten a massage? It’s the friggin tits. On the other hand, a lot of my natural impulses make me super anxious about being touched. And it used to be that even something as

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Trolls, Haters, Attacks, OH MY!

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Trolls, Haters, Attacks, OH MY! by Dior Vargas In the past I’ve been attacked online for simply having an opinion which is unfortunately normal for women. I’ve been called a slut and that the cops protect me and my slut friends daily. I’ve been told I’m barking up the wrong stripper pole. I’ve been told to shut up and get back into the kitchen. While unsettling it was nothing I couldn’t handle. It was actually laughable. However, when my photo

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Long Weekends: Friend or Foe?

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Long Weekends: Friend or Foe? by Sarah Hartshorne, Project UROK Vice President and Production Coordinator I love my job. A lot. I get to make awesome videos, with awesome people, and I get to feel good about what I’m putting into the world. I also love weekends. Who doesn’t? Maybe Beyonce. Homegirl works her magnificent, sculpted ass off. Long weekends, though, I have a mixed relationship with. On paper, they sound amazing. More time off=awesome, right? Eh. Sort of. I

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Guest Blog- “Video Games That Concern Mental Illness”

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Neuroracer by Jacqueline Developed by Gazzaley Neuroscience Research Lab’s own Adam Gazzaley, “Neuroracer” is a video game that was created in hopes of becoming a popular treatment for mental illnesses. Through a preliminary study, he found that the game, because of its multitasking requirements, can provide enhanced cognitive power within adults, evaluates cognitive capabilities and intrinsic neural mechanisms, among other discoveries. Some scientists do believe video games to be a potential game-changer for mental health treatment. Gazzaley has a California startup,

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Meet Project UROK Intern Elisa!

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Hi! My name is Elisa and I’m a new Project UROK Intern!  I’m originally from Chicago but currently study here in New York. I joined Project UROK because I’m eager to combat issues I care about in a creative and accessible manner. Online videos and humor are two things I use to feel better during difficult times. A lot of times it’s hard to be vocal about the things in life that are bothering you or making you feel isolated

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