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Meet the Outreach Coordinator: Dior Vargas!

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Hi everyone! My name is Dior Vargas and I’m Project UROK’s new Outreach Coordinator! I was born and raised in New York City. I went to Smith College where I was able to really embrace and cultivate my feminist identity. My self given title is Latina Feminist Mental Health Activist. I’ve been an activist for years and just recently decided to focus on mental health. My first project, which is still ongoing and evolving, was the People of Color and

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Meet the New Intern: Martin!

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Hello! My name is Martin and I’m the newest intern at Project UROK! This is a picture of me on the mean streets of New York: I discovered UROK after being referred to founder Jenny Jaffe through her cousin Lucy. Much like my muse Leslie Knope, I’m a huge advocate for change and giving back to others as well as making people happy so I thought Project UROK was a great fit for me! I’m currently a senior at the

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Guest Blog – “How to Help a Friend with an Eating Disorder”

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How to Help a Friend with an Eating Disorder by Shelly Hubbard Trigger warning: eating disorders The truth is that there is no single right or wrong way to talk to a friend who you believe may have an eating disorder. You just need to be prepared to be supportive and find the approach that works the best in their specific situation. This is rarely an easy thing to do, and many people are hesitant to say anything for fear

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Guest Blog – “My Journey Through PTSD”

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My Journey Through PTSD by Kelvin Zomer Trigger warnings: abuse, sexual abuse, panic attacks, anxiety Hi all! Let me introduce myself first. My name is Kelvin, I’m 23 years old and living in the Netherlands. I’ve been “struggling” with PTSD for about 10 years now but have been diagnosed about four years ago. I never knew something was wrong with me, because I perceived it as normal. As often happens with psychiatric diseases. Why I’m writing this is unsure for

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Guest Blog – “Life Is Wonderful”

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Life Is Wonderful by Kate http://butterfliesonmymind.tumblr.com/ Trigger warnings: suicide, depression, anxiety Preface: This is a letter, maybe a confession, it’s going to be full of ideas that are floating in my mind. Maybe it’s a letter for you, but maybe it’s for me. I need it to be for me. I need something to hold me still. I need something to pull me from my own mind and start living my life. Maybe you need that too. This is a

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Guest Blog: “OCD – A Mental Battle”

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OCD – A Mental Battle by Chris Harris http://www.facebook.com/chrisrhysharris Trigger warnings: depression, obsessive thoughts Hi my name is Chris, I have some pretty bad OCD. It’s not necessarily that I need to keep things tidy as some people think. In fact for me it is much more an obsessive state of mind that revolves around the ‘need’ for things to be a certain way. My symptoms range from some simple things like a series of checks and actions that I have to do before I

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Rachel Bouton’s Do’s & Don’t’s

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If you subscribe to our Youtube channel (which you totally should. Why don’t you? Go do that. I’ll hang here. The internet is cool that way) then you’ve probably seen Rachel Bouton‘s awesome video where she lists some Do’s and Don’ts for taking care of yourself and dealing with a mental illness. What you may not know is that Rachel is an amazing writer and comedian, and she has an advice column called Ask Buttons. So this list is totally

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Guest Blog – “No One Signs Up For This”

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No One Signs Up For This by Jenlyn Trigger warning: suicide Note: Most of this post was written almost a year ago. Since then, I have filed a complaint about the psychiatrist mentioned. He is no longer listed as an employee on their website. My husband is now in therapy at a different facility and relies on his primary care physician for medications. Stopping the medication he had asked to be taken off of has helped stop his violent dreams,

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Meet the Director of Creative Content: Charlie Purdom!

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  By: Charlie Purdom (@charliepva,Website) Hello everyone! My name is Charlie Purdom and I’m the the Director of Creative Content for Project UROK! I’ve been with Project UROK for almost a year now and it’s been an absolutely amazing experience. I’ve been living with anxiety and depression for nearly half my life. In my formative years it was something that was very isolating and scary for me because there wasn’t a lot of people I could talk to about the

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Guest Blog: “Memoir of a Misery Chick”

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Memoir of a Misery Chick by C. Why Trigger warnings: graphic images, abusive relationship, depression, suicide   When I was six years old, I was terribly afraid of boogey-people. Naked ladies cut off at the torso dragging themselves around the bathroom; wide men filling out my closet and gnashing their teeth in the dark; myself or people that I loved dying while I slept. I comforted myself from these irrational fears by telling myself that they couldn’t sneak up on me until I knew what

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