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Long Weekends: Friend or Foe?

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November 9, 2015

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Long Weekends: Friend or Foe?

long weekend

by Sarah Hartshorne, Project UROK Vice President and Production Coordinator

I love my job. A lot. I get to make awesome videos, with awesome people, and I get to feel good about what I’m putting into the world. I also love weekends. Who doesn’t? Maybe Beyonce. Homegirl works her magnificent, sculpted ass off.

Long weekends, though, I have a mixed relationship with. On paper, they sound amazing. More time off=awesome, right?

Eh. Sort of. I want to love them. I always think I will love them. But when your ADHD is so bad that you forget your own shoes (like, all the damn time), routine is super important, and I have a lot of weekend routines. A lot. Coffee, newspapers, no pants (pants are tyranny). I even have a special Sunday mug. 

All of that gets thrown off by a long weekend. When do I drink out of the Sunday mug?! Does it become a Monday mug?! Chaos reigns.

I also tend to balance my socializing and alone time on the weekends really carefully, since my job involves being around a lot of people, and I need alone time to recharge and be a normal human again. That balance tends to get thrown off on long weekends.

Either I over commit and end up feeling fried and tired, or I spend too much time alone and go a little stir crazy. My cats really hate that.

Over the years, I’ve learned a few tricks to combat all of this:

-leave the house every day, especially on the extra day.

Even if it’s just to go buy a sandwich or a coffee, putting on some semblance of clothes and interacting with other humans will remind you that the world is still out there doing its thing.

-stay off of Facebook.

It will make you feel like everyone is at a party you weren’t invited to and I promise, that isn’t true.

-be realistic 

In my mind, unstructured time=infinite time. Every weekend I plan on cleaning my whole apartment, reorganizing my closets, starting a daily  meditation habit, and inventing a nail polish that falls off skin and never chips. And then I’m always disappointed when Sunday (or, even worse, MONDAY) night rolls along and I haven’t cured world peace. So, what I’ve started doing is creating TWO to-do lists every weekend: 1 with every single little thing that I would like to get done in an ideal, magic world where I can pause time and take a nap, and 1 list of things that really, actually needs to get done.

-don’t stay up more than an hour (or two) past your bedtime.

This one is a stretch but it’s hard to find a gif of Beyonce yawning…

Staying up until 4:30am used to feel like a present I could give myself (if I had the time to sleep in. Otherwise it was just the dumbest fracking thing). But now all it does it make me feel disoriented and weird, like an alien (bingewatching Doctor Who the whole time probably doesn’t help…).

-don’t binge or purge with food. 

It’s super easy for me to fall into unhealthy eating habits on the weekend, and the healthier I eat during the week the more likely it is. Food can be a treat, but it’s also fuel and it’s important to remember that. Finding a balance there is something I’m still working on.

What about you? What do you guys do on long weekends?

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