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  • An online mental health resource for teens and young adults.
  • We’re starting a conversation about mental illness and we hope you’ll join us!
  • Watch and make videos about your experience.
  • Mental illness doesn’t discriminate. Your story matters.

Make Your Own Video!

Hi! Welcome!

We’re so excited that you want to make a user video for Project UROK! Sharing your story is the best way to combat the stigma surrounding mental illness, so let’s get to it!

How to Make a Video!

Step 1- Check out the rules and suggestions below.
Step 2- film your video! This is our favorite step.
Step 3- upload the video as UNLISTED (that part is important) to YouTube.
Step 4- email the link to that video to urok@childmind.org.
Step 5- wait for us to process and publish your video to our channel! It takes 2-5 days.
Step 6- share that link! Be sure to follow/@/RT/tag us!

Rules and Suggestions

Your video must:
1- Be unlisted and unpublished. Questions? See below.
2- Be 2-3 minutes long.
3- Be about mental health.

Your video must not:
1- Contain any hate speech, overly sexual content or curses.
2- Advocate for or glamourize suicide, self harm, violence, drugs or alcohol*.
3- Contain any copyrighted material. That means you can talk about how inspired you are by Janelle Monae (aren’t we all?) but you can’t show her music videos.

*this doesn’t mean you can’t talk about those things- we want you to be honest about your experiences! We just want to make sure viewers don’t think suicide, self-harm, drugs or alcohol are good options for people who are in pain. If you or someone you know is suicidal, call 911 or the suicide hotline: 1-800-273-8255.

Your video can/should:
1) Reflect you! You’re awesome!
2) Use the phrase “you are ok.” That’s how we end all of our videos! Feel free to do the same.
3) Be creative! Tell a story, sing a song, make a list, show photographs or art, do a Day in the Life video. However you want to tell your story, we want to hear it!
4) One thing a lot of people do is give their younger self advice. What do you wish you’d known when you were struggling the most?


Why does my video have to be unpublished?
1) We want to be the first one to share it! We’re greedy that way, but only because we think you’re so awesome. 2) We want to monitor all the comments. The internet can be a scary place, and we want Project UROK to be positive, supportive and inclusive. 3) It’s the best way to get the most views on your awesome work!

Why does my video have to be so short?
It doesn’t have to be, but we’ve made over 200 videos and we’ve found that 2-3 minutes is the ideal length of time for people watching.

What should I put in my video?
Whatever you want! Obviously, we prefer to talk about mental health (it’s our thing, what can we say?) but if your mental health has been radically improved by watching puppy videos, we want to hear about that, too! Also we want some links because puppy videos are awesome.

Wait, what is a user video? How is it different from your videos?
Great question. A user video is made by you or someone like you, and it can look however you want it to! It can take any form. Our videos are made by us in our studio, and they’re usually of people we know or celebrities who want to talk about their experiences with mental illness.

Here are the questions that we ask people when we shoot with them, in case that helps.

-What is your connection to mental health?
-What would you tell your younger self?
-What are some ways you’ve learned to deal with your symptoms?
-What are some self care tips?
-If you could sum up your advice to people dealing with a situation like yours, what would you say?

Thank you so much for watching and thank you THE MOST for sharing your story! YOU ROCK!

Share your story. End the stigma. You are ok.

Child Mind Institute