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On Seeking Treatment for Addiction by Amanda at Recognition Works

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November 25, 2016

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Real Stories From Recovering Addicts Prove You Can Find A Happier Life

Amanda Bartow, Recognition Works


Photo from Pixabay

Rehab is a life-changing experience for drug and alcohol addicts — and that is not hyperbole. Listen to the stories recovering addicts tell after they’ve spent some time in treatment, and it’s hard not to be a believer. I’ve listened to many, many such stories, and virtually all of them talk about how much life has improved after getting away from substance abuse and into a treatment facility.

John from Grand Rapids, Michigan, attended Best Drug Rehabilitation and called his experience literally “life-changing”.

“Just working through the different courses and the programs have definitely given me some new tools to go back home with and go back out into the world with,” he further commented. “Probably the biggest thing that I gained here was reconnecting with my spirituality and my God.

“It’s given me a new passion for life, where I was pretty much on the verge of suicide before,” John said. “I found a new direction, a new purpose, and a new desire: the way I want to travel, the way I want to start living my life, and really giving back to other people not only in the community but hopefully working with other people who have addictions. … I feel less emotionally unstable. I’m just really emotionally grounded, spiritually grounded and just taking life as it comes and trying not to make too big of a deal out of everything.”

Burnell, another recovering addict, said he was “broken” when he went to rehab. He had relapsed, picking up where he left off after trying to kick an addiction that had been plaguing him. This led him to a suicide attempt and a stay in a psychiatric hospital. Finally, he ended up in rehab where he gained some new perspective.

“It got that much worse, that much faster,” he recalled. “Today, I deserve more out of life. I can accomplish more, keep more, if I get it myself. For most of my life everything was given to me, but for the first time in my life I have to work for it. Now, I have more confidence in myself.”

Alan, who also turned to rehab to overcome an addiction, found that it took staff explaining things over time in order for it to “start soaking in” how the experience would benefit him “ot only with my recovery, [but] with my life,” Alan said.

“You can relate to so many people from across the country. And having someone there going through the same thing as you makes you feel not so alone. It really motivates you to get your life back. The social atmosphere here is amazing. You’ve got people from all over the world, and all different ages. It’s really cool getting to know everyone, hearing their stories and what they have been through, and how you can relate to them in so many ways even though you are from so many different places. I have definitely made a lot of lifelong memories.”

“I won’t lie to you; it gets hard here sometimes,” he admitted. “But we’re here to start dealing with life sober and dealing with it on life’s terms. So if you stick it out, I promise you’ll be happy and proud of yourself at the end.”
This is a common piece of advice given by those attending, or who have previously attended, rehab. It’s all about leaving a harmful past behind and finding positivity and the will to not only live, but to enjoy, life again.

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