Mental Health Impacts Everyone


"Mental health impacts everyone" -Tamu

Tamu Lewis is the Co-Founder of the Lee Thompson Young Foundation. She started the foundation with her mother, Dr. Velma Love, in honor of her brother, actor Lee Thompson Young, who died by suicide after struggling with bipolar disorder. The foundation seeks to end the stigma associated with mental health through education, support, and resources. We asked her why her work is so important and how she approaches self-care.

Why is the work you do for mental health important?

The work is important to me because mental health impacts everyone and we need to be more aware of mental health challenges and resources in order to help ourselves and others.

How did you start this work?

As a result of losing my brother, actor Lee Thompson Young, to suicide in 2013. He struggled with bipolar disorder.

What is your approach to self-care?

I practice meditation and exercise on a regular basis to manage my stress. I also practice deep breathing.