Latinx Mental Health: Stories of the Dominican Diaspora


“Sometimes being heard is enough and it goes a long way.” -Carmen

How do you support Latinx mental health?

I am one of the co-founders and the associate editor at La Galería Magazine, a place to document and celebrate the stories of the Dominican Diaspora. La Galería Magazine is an independent, non-affiliated publication that discusses, deconstructs, and explores traditional Dominican symbols, ideologies, and customs in order to better understand our community, history, and culture. My main responsibility is to promote the magazine, edit article submissions for our editions, and plan events with my team.

What are some of the biggest myths you’ve heard about Latinx mental health? How do you dispel these myths and fight stigma?

The biggest myth I've heard about Latinx mental health is that praying to God will make the depression, anxiety, etc. go away. The other myth is that we don't suffer from it and that it's a "white people problem."

What are some tips you give to young Latinx with mental health concerns?

My tips for mental health include finding an outlet, such as writing, exercise, dancing, or painting, to relieve stress. Develop a meditation practice. Seek out a therapist or counseling. Maintain a well balanced diet and get adequate sleep.

What are some resources you suggest for the Latinx community?

One resource I have, particularly for native Spanish speakers, is ACDP, which has bilingual mental health services. Another is Sweet Water Dance & Yoga in the Bronx, which is owned by a Latina woman and offers many wellness classes, including yoga, pole dancing, belly dance and more.