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Surviving the Holidays/News!

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December 1, 2015

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Surviving the Holidays/News!


by Sarah Hartshorne, Project UROK Vice President and Production Coordinator

Some of you may have seen this video, where I talk about some ways to survive the holidays.

A lot of these are things I’m still working on, but here’s the written version of my survival tips.

1) Try to maintain a routine.

It’s not going to be your normal routine, because even if you don’t celebrate the holidays work/school/family/life gets disrupted this time of year. So try to find a way to do the same thing every day. It can be something small, like taking your meds, walking the dog, screaming into a pillow, anything. Set an alarm on your phone. Ask a friend to text you a reminder. If your dog’s bladder is reliable, set your watch by that.

Personally, this is the hardest thing for me to do, and I fail at it a lot. But I will say that when I was home for Thanksgiving, I did take a nap every afternoon.

2) Alone Time

Or rather, down time. Personally, I need to be alone for a little while every day or I get cranky. But that’s not true for everyone, and if it’s not for you, then take some down time with other people. You can watch bad TV together. Listen to the new Adele album and compare feelings (or, if you’re a robot, compare…. pistons?) Or you sit together and Google all the things listed in this video by UROK founder Jenny Jaffe!

3) Be Healthy (But Not Too Healthy)

I’m convinced every week is the week that I will start meditating 2x a day, working out 1x a day, and writing the next Great American Novel. My optimism is, frankly, exhausting. But I give myself a break this time of year. It’s not the time to start new habits.

Magazines tend to catatrosphize holiday weight gain, and their covers plaster it everywhere: “HOW TO PREVENT THE WORST POSSIBLE THING IN THE WORLD FROM HAPPENING OH GOD DON’T GAIN WEIGHT YOU’LL DIE”.

But most people gain about a pound and even if it’s more… who the hell cares? There are more important things. Try not to overdo it, and if you do, don’t beat yourself up. It won’t accomplish anything.

4) This too shall pass

The holidays don’t last forever. Things will go back to normal.

5) Don’t feel bad for feeling bad

It’s ok. I feel it too. Jenny feels it too. People all over the world feel like crap. That’s the whole reason holidays were invented. Everyone who lived in the darkest, coldest parts of the planet were sick of feeling crappy, so they decided to find ways to bring a little light into their lives. And it’s a valiant effort, but it’s ok if it doesn’t work for you. It’s ok to still feel crappy.

6) Emotional Life Raft

Pick one thing you like about this time of year and hold onto it. I like Christmas lights. They’re pretty, and shiny, and everywhere. I like to drive around and see all the houses lit up. I like to think about all the families in the lit up houses, and how they’re all going through a million different things and how some of them probably can’t wait to take those lights down.

Also when I see two houses next door to each other, I like to imagine that they’re fueding and competing with each other for the best display and it will all escalate into a slapstick romp of a fight. It’s the little things.

7) Be Kind to others.

OH HEY HERE COMES A SHAMELESS PITCH. One good way to be kind to people, is to give them awesome things. And we have some awesome things for you to give! You could buy them a cool pair of socks. Or a tank top. Or donate on our website and we’ll send you a T-shirt with this panda on it!


8) Be kind to yourself

Because you’re lovely.

Self care is not selfish. That is all.

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