Project UROK was founded in 2014...

Jenny Jaffe (writer and comedian) founded Project UROK to be the resources and community she wished she had growing up and struggling with mental illness. She had one simple goal: de-stigmatization of mental illness through storytelling. When Jenny moved to Los Angeles in 2016, she knew the Child Mind Institute was a perfect home for Project UROK.

Project UROK combats the isolation and stigmatization surrounding mental illness with honest and open conversations. We produce and share meaningful, honest, and sometimes humorous, videos for teenagers struggling with mental health, made by people who had been there before. Project UROK provides not only practical tips and expert resources, but also a sense of belonging, comfort and hope.

The content on Project UROK is diverse and varied: testimonials, informational videos, comedy sketches, expert clinical resources, peer stories, and more. Project UROK creates a safe, supportive community on and offline for teens and young adults to tell their stories and hear the stories of others, sharing the message that no matter what you are going through, you are not alone and you are okay.