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Embrace Overall Wellness

I think that it's extremely important to help people not only cope with mental illness but also to help people embrace overall wellness that helps them optimize their quality of life. As a therapist, I think it's important to hold both the role of educator and provider, teaching clients about emotional health and conditions, if applicable, as well as providing new perspective and skills to help them live better lives in practice. My professional goals are to help promote conversations about mental illness and wellness especially in groups who tend to be underserved by mental health systems, such as people of color and LGBTQ+ folks.

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Latinx Mental Health: Finding Resources in Your Family and Community

I am the Director of the Latino Youth & Family Immigration Project: Dímelo en Español at Ackerman Institute. We are a project in the institute that provides family therapy to first and second generation Latino immigrant families. We offer a specialized framework that, at its core, emphasizes cultural sensitivity and resiliency in families. I facilitate therapeutic conversations about immigration loss, the unique experience of parenting bi-cultural/bilingual children, trans-nationalism, identity, trauma and, more recently, about the current sociopolitical climate. We do this using the families' mother tongue language, Spanish.

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Minority Mental Health Advocate: Dr. Joy Harden Bradford

I am a licensed Psychologist and the creator of Therapy for Black Girls. It is important to me that Black women and girls make their mental health a priority and to do this I wanted to create a platform that would make mental health issues more relevant and accessible. Through the use of blog posts, community conversations, and the podcast, I share information with Black women to help them become the best possible versions of themselves. I have been licensed since 2008 and working with Black women and girls has always been the focus of my practice.

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